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    Futurama 3d (test shot) by seccovan

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    Edgar Wright - How to Do Visual Comedy by Tony Zhou

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    A Brief Look at Texting and the Internet in Film by Tony Zhou

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    A difference two weeks makes. #fall #autumn #leaves

    A difference two weeks makes. #fall #autumn #leaves

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    He he, love it! Nothing else needs to be said.

    He he, love it! Nothing else needs to be said.

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    "She was not a pretty little porcelain doll, she was a beautiful little porcelain doll. On the outside anyway, inside, where it counted- was another matter."

    Siuan Sanche referring to Moirane (via messydaze)

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    A Message from Hobonichi Editor-in-Chief Shigesato Itoi


    The Hobonichi Techo is a Life Book, and you are the author.


    2015 marks the 14th year since we first created the Hobonichi Techo. As I reflect on the Hobonichi Techo, I’m starting to think it’s growing out of its own definition as a planner. It’s more than just a schedule book to keep…

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    but this is the same garden right…………




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